When it comes to creating that environment and enjoying everything your home has to offer. Replacing your windows will be the best decision you'll ever make. After all, if your home is your castle, shouldn't it be as luxurious as it can be.

As well as improving the look of your home, there are numerous practical benefits too. You will add value to your property, so when the time comes to move on, you will appreciate your investment even more.




Glass is 4mm Pilkington float glass, toughened where required and complies with the Glazing Regulations.

Pilkington Texture Glass offers privacy and style throughout your home. Five levels of privacy are available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration).

For further information, click on brochures to view our texture glass designs.

Our range of casement windows is our most popular design, offering security, energy efficiency and available in a multitude of styles and finishes to enhance the look of your home.

The vertical sliding sash window range are still a poplar choice for homeowners who wish to retain the character of their property or a practical solution for the requirements on Conservation Areas and listed buildings.

The Tilt and Turn window combines fresh air with security - plus being able to wash the outside from indoors.

The bay windows retain the traditional look of your home creating space, character and allowing light to flood your home.

Our Bow windows offer you the versatility of creating the illusion of space and depth by allowing more light into your home without the need for additional building work.  

All bays and bows can incorporate casement, and tilt and turn styles to suit your home.
Dormer windows are perfect for loft conversions or extensions which will enhance the view of your home.

The Georgian bar style option allows you to bespoke your window glazing to create a personal finish for your home.  This is achieved by inserting a shaped bar in between the glass panes.

The astrical bar style is similar to the georgian bars but offers a more traditional finish by planting shaped bars on top of the glass panes thus creating depth to the designs and the look of individual glass units.

Our mock horn feature enhances the aesthetics of your windows by achieving the appearance of a traditional vertical slider.

To provide the right look for your home, you can choose exactly the look you want from a great range of decorative glazing.
All miters, corners, transoms and mullions are fully heat welded, therefore making the window totally watertight and extremely durable. The frame and sash have a neoprene lining and when the window is fully shut it becomes totally draught proof.
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